Friday, 26 April 2013

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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

12 great affordable bags to go to the beach.

Sunbathing season is almost here. Days are longer and warmer so you have a great chance to enjoy the first rays of sunshine to help you get that healthy, golden look. Going to the beach could give you a headache because you might not have the right bag to fit everything you need. Here you have a good selection of 12 bags priced from €15 to €90, so you can choose one and get to the beach with everything you need. The only headache you’re at risk of then is from the Mojitos! 

Don't forget to put your sun block on! I’ve also added my top 5 selection. Happy tanning!

From left to right, up and down: Straw tote €34, O'neill nahua bag €2, . Canvas striped maxi bag, €41, Mango. River Island metallic weaved smart beach bag €43, Asos. Nine West Tropicana medium tote €46, French Connection beach basket tote €44, Asos. Aldo Hydelade shoulder tote €53, Asos. Hawaii beach bag €15, Asos. Paul's Boutique skull shopper €53, exclusive at Asos. Wendy Perspex bag €23, Asos. Gianmarco Venturi large fabric bag €45, Yoox. Armani Jeans large PVC bag €91, Yoox. 

Shiseido, Estée Lauder, Nivea Sun, Lancaster, available in department stores,
Becca Cosmetics available at

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

What a great idea! An event you can not miss.

These days we all need to save our money and when we buy clothes they have to be versatile and suitable for more than one occasion. Even so, we all end up having tons of clothes in our wardrobes that we haven't worn in ages and we always think the same "I will wear it next season", "I'm going on a diet so I'll be able to wear it again soon". Any number of excuses, but we know they're not true. At the end of every season our wardrobe is still cluttered with unworn items. If this is true for you, here is some important news: on 2 May between 19h - 22h there will be a great new event in Lisbon (PT) where you can get rid of all those unwanted clothes and find yourself something new that you actually want to wear. This event is called "Fashion in Recession" (F'nR) and it will take place at the Fontecruz Hotel (Avenida da Liberdade). And what is it all about? Exchanging clothes we no longer want. 

The idea is originally from Sao Paulo (Brazil) and has been imported to Portugal by the image consultant Andreza Fazio

This event has some rules:

Free entrance. 
  • You should register on the Facebook page of "Fashion in Recession"
  • All clothes should be delivered before or on the same day of the event before 20h. 
  • Clothes, shoes and accessories (women’s & men’s) will be accepted. They have to be in good condition (and at least clean). 
  • While the clothes are being collected, the people running the event will decide which are the TOP items, the ones that deserve to be in the spotlight. 
  • Every piece will be awarded points, represented by a fictitious currency. Every single piece that is accepted from you will be given a value so you can spend your “currency” as you wish. 
  • The payment with this “currency” will take place at the end so all the participants will be able to try the new pieces and if you want, ask for advice form fashion advisor Pedro Crispim and his team (Andreza Fazio and Liliana Moreno), so you can guarantee you are going to take a piece back home that won't sit in your wardrobe forever and never see the light of day. 
  • If anyone doesn’t spend all their “currency”, it will be registered so they can spend what is left over at future editions that will happen once a month. 
  • You can take any clothes not accepted for this event back home or you can give them to charity (the Salvation Army). 
So what are you waiting for? It’s time to clear out your wardrobe! No more excuses! 

See you all at Fashion in Recession. 


Monday, 15 April 2013


I feel very honoured to have reached the milestone of 10,000 visitors to my blog. Thanks so much to all of you. Please keep coming back and tell your friends so that one day it might even be 100,000!

With lots of love,

Justo Ruiz.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Rule # 17: How to wear bright and neon colours.

Eye-catching, hot and dangerous, fluorescent neon colors really look fantastic and bright. Choosing acid green, muted neon, pink or electric blue clothes will make you stand out in the crowd. Indeed, these colours are very nice, feminine and add an intrigue to your style. They highlight your bright personality and your goal to keep up with the latest fashion trends. However, whenever choosing one of these colours make sure not to overuse the latter since it can be risky in the aspect that you may look like a three colored traffic light. Pair these colours with simpler and softer tones so that there is a contrast. Wear neon bright colours on the part of your body you most of all want to define, since, once the colour appears on that zone, it will indeed attract attention first of all.
Whether neon is one of your favorite colours or you are just testing out the trend, it's still a great way to add some brightness and cheerfulness to your summer wardrobe and make you have a fresh look. Follow the style tips below and learn interesting things about the neon colour trend and how to wear neon colours wisely in order not to look like a glow-stick.

When it comes to colour trends today, one of the most loved and lively colors that make you look really glamorous is any shade of neon. The colours of bright green, pink, yellow and orange can change your entire look once chosen correctly and worn in harmony with the rest of the outfit. It is important to put the outfit together in a clever way, to use matching accessories in an appropriate quantity that will only compliment the look and you are done.
When choosing neon coloured clothing, you need to be honest to yourself. Never opt for this or that colour unless it is matching you well enough. No matter what today’s trend may be, the colour for your body becomes trendy only when it suits you well. See which colours bring out your features. For example, blue colours can bring out blue eyes, and tanner colours can bring out highlights in your hair. You need to be open and enjoy the experience while attempting different pieces of these colours. Try different hues, examine your look in the mirror and compare each of the shades thoroughly. You will sure pick the ones that are for your skin tone and suit your figure properly. Once you feel comfortable in them, you will be able to show off your trendy look with confidence.
Since neon colours are trendy in today’s high fashion and everybody strives to have at least one piece of clothes in this colour, here are some essential tips to follow when choosing neon clothes. For those being shy it is recommended to start with one shade of neon first. Once you start feeling comfortable in it, you can go on adding either matching accessories or other neon colours close in the shade. Start wearing these outfits on the beach, at home. Once you feel you are ready to show off, make these colours become your everyday choice for an ordinary casual look.

Other tips that will help you keep up with the trend while staying within your comfort zone are as follows:
  1. Pick the neon shade that you love most of all and that goes well with your skin tone and hair colour. For example, if your face is pale, then accordingly yellow and orange will not look good for you. Instead, you should take brighter colours like neon pink or cobalt blue.
  2. Don't make all your outfits in the neon colour. Remember that this trend may disappear soon and you will later regret for having spent too much money on this colour. Take one or 2 pieces of clothes in the colours and combine them with neutral shades and you will sure have different variations for different occasions. Wear the neon colour item with the clothing piece that you already have. A neon shirt, for example, may look very stylish, when combined with some sexy skinny jeans you already have. Or simple accessories like a neon belt and matching purse can always be added to an outfit from your existing closet, giving it a second life.
  3. Think twice. If you don't want to catch attention, never opt for this colour, since neon will always make you visible from afar.
  4. Check if the outfit fits you well. Since neon colours are extremely bold and eye-catching, they tend to make anyone look larger than they are. If you have a triangle figure, use the neon colours for your top part. For oval shaped bodies feel free to use neon bottoms. If you have an ideal body shape with proper curves and slim legs, then wear neon on whichever zone you like.
  5. Choose accessories that will not overdo the outfit. Go for accessories that help to tone down the brightness of neon colors.
  6. Don’t know if the colour will suit you? Then try small neon accessories first before purchasing any other piece of clothing. A neon belt or a clutch, or just your favorite neon nail polish can give you a hint if you like the colour or not. Once you check these, go ahead buying your beloved neon colour outfit.

Since these colours are bright they can be easily worn on the beach. Here you don't have to limit yourself with one hue of neon only. Feel free to take all the neon colours with you since there is no other ideal place than the sunny beach to show off these bright and lively hues. Be sure that you can wear whatever you want without worrying about an over-colored look.
For other cases, the choice of neon colours depends on the type of the event you are going to participate. Check the dress code if there is any. Stay on the safe side without too much attention. It is better to be safe than inappropriate.
You shouldn’t wear bright neon colours at office, to an interview or during any other business related activities. Yet don't hesitate to wear neon colours on informal occasions, when visiting your friends or hanging out with them. For any other events that demand high fashion, neon colours can by all means prevail in your outfit.

If you’re feeling confident and adventurous, why not make these lovely colours prevail in your wardrobe? Try a neon dress, a yellow one, for example. Layer it with a neutral blazer that you can easily take off as the weather gets warmer. This will be an ideal outfit for both a casual day wear and evening look.
However, for everyday use, neon colours can be a little bit tricky so pay attention to the tips suggested below learning how to put neon things together. The key elements to always keep in mind with neon colours are:
  1. Use black or neutral together with neon colours in order to bring the bold and bright hues into balance.
  2. Don't wear too many accessories with these bright colours. Don’t match your bangles and hoops to your neon mini skirt, for example.
  3. Neon on the bottom half is not that acceptable in most cases because it’s not next to your face. Especially if you don't have a slim figure in the thigh area, then you will highlight the imperfection even more. You had better keep neon tones for your top part and wear darker shades beneath.
  4. Dark black tights always work. With these tights you can choose any neon colour for your top or neon loose dresses and you will have a fascinating look.
In a word, it is important to pair your outfits in taste. To be on the safe side avoiding being considered way too tasteless, dress as you would normally do and wear one piece of cloth in neon colour. Combine colours as you normally do and apply this to neon colours. For example, if blue and yellow look good together, then use fluorescent yellow shorts with a vibrant blue blouse. Stick to the colour blocking rules, and you’ll do it right.
However, if there are colours that you do not know how to combine, turn to the classical white or black ones. Combine the neon colour with a white or black piece and you will have an ideal outfit.
If in the summer you want to look all in neon, combining two neon pieces, make sure that one is brighter than the other one. Or if you want to excess the limits and go for 3 colours of neon, which is indeed very risky and does not suit everyone, then at least pick 2 that are within the same family of colors and pick the third one in a different neon hue. For example: a pink and orange pair of shorts, pink shirt and green cardigan.

The best way is to start with the little things, like accessories. Just add a touch of neon here and there and your outfit will be complete. Here are some quick tips to follow:
• Since neon is indeed a big trend today, feel free balancing it out with accessories of softer colours. Add a pair of neutral wedges and a bright cuff or a necklace. To take it to the next level, try an equally bright nail polish colour to complete your look.
• You can always try the trend of neon colour wearing it in a subtle way. Building an outfit around neutrals is a great way to sport a neon colour. Try pairing a neon top with a basic, black skirt. The neutral colors will help the neon colour stick out, but it won’t overwhelm you. Add a pair of nude ballet flats, simple accessories and a classic black bag.
• Another subtle way to test out the neon trend is by accessorizing. Pair a simple gray peplum top with a pair of classic, black pants, then stick to the neon. A pair of bright neon high heeled shoes or a bag will only add colour to this basic outfit. You can also put on a neon necklace, earrings or bracelets to polish off the look. A classical look will always be modernized and refreshed with a slight touch of neon appearing on it.
• I recommend a satchel bag in bright yellow that can be complimenting a formal dress or a white tee with cropped pants. Long necklaces with shocking pink pendants also look great. Even if you have a strict dress code at the office you work, there is still a chance for you to make use of these colours, which will never harm your career. Instead of having a gloomy, dull raincoat, opt for a neon-coloured or transparent trench coat. You will feel fashionable, will satisfy your hunger for the trend, however once you get to the office you can take it off and no dress code restrictions can be applied against you. Or you can choose plastic neon umbrellas instead. Any accessory in neon tones can be easily used by you.

Another smart way of wearing neon colours is working in a combination of two colors or a combination of the same hues. Thus, you can mix and match one neon hue with pastels or neutral shades. Or wear a neon shade of the same color with a non-neon shade of it, like a baby pink wit neon pink, or a neon blue with a brick blue. And why not add some light neon touches to your look with the help of a scarf, a hair accessory, a belt or sunnies. And you will look extremely trendy and appealing. Last but not least, you can turn to the trick of wearing a neon makeup.
There are so many ways of wearing neon coloured clothes that you simply cannot keep all of them in mind. Always make sure to try each of the accessories first, compare the final look, make sure you do not lack confidence in the outfit and once ready, feel free to head out to show off yourself.

Here you have some looks I pulled out for you: 

Shirt, Jeans, Paul & Bear. Shoes, Clutch, Zara. 

Pants, Stella McCartney. Jacket, Topshop. T-shirt, Mango. Bag, Shoes, Zara. 

Shirt, Mango. Skirt & Flats, Asos. Clutch, Accessorize. 

Shirt, jeans & heels, Mango. Bag, Belt, French Connection. 

Pictures: Pinterest.