Saturday, 29 December 2012

Ornate expectations

Baroque is a period of artistic style that used exaggerated motion and clear easily interpreted detail to produce drama, tension, exuberance, and grandeur in sculpture, painting, architecture, literature, dance and music, that started around 1600 in Rome, Italy. 

One of the fall season's biggest trends is baroque style which get spotlighted in this stunning editorial photographed by Andrew Yee (Atelier Management) for the issue of How to Spend it Magazine
Models Nina Porter, Laura O'Grady, Louisa Facchino-Stack, Mary Ballantyne, Edda Oscars, Kiera, Elenor Hayes and Sam Rollinson wear the ornate designs of Balmain, Dolce & Gabbana, Lanvin, Valentino and others styled by Demian Foxe in luxe settings which evoke Renaissance paintings. 

I felt in love with the drama of the pictures so I had to share it with you. 

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Thursday, 27 December 2012

New Year's Eve LOW COST Looks

Christmas is over. I hope you had a great time with your family and you followed some of my rules to help you look great. Now it's time to think about New Year's Eve. This is the last party of the year. Being stylist is a must but you also need to be comfortable. At the end of the day you'll have to dance, talk, flirt and you can't be worried about your shoes, your dress or you coat. It's all about you and your amazing look. 
As you all know I'm a bit keen on mixing styles because its what gives personality to a look. It's the only way of stepping out of the box and making a statement. We are tired of monotony. 

Since I was a child my mum has always said that the last night of the year has to be the best one in terms of clothes and accessories so you need a bit of sparkle to make a great start of the year. But as we might have spent too much on Christmas presents we might not be able to spend much on getting the perfect outfit for the last night of the year. So here are some "low cost" looks and a few that are a bit more expensive. They will make of you the belle of the ball and the envy of your friends. 


Sunday, 23 December 2012

Style is not a state if mind, it's a way of life.

Christmas is here. It's time to get together with family and friends and enjoy dinner, lunch or whatever your tradition is. It's time a to be happy, to give and receive gifts and of course, to do all that in style! Above all, New Year’s Eve has to end as glamorous as possible. Whether you’re staying at home or going out to a party you should wear clothes that make the most of your body, whatever type it is.

People often ask me how they can create their own personal style. It's difficult but a good start it to experiment with mixing styles. It’s important to step out of the box. Be brave! Take risks! And always remember that style is not a state of mind, it's a way of life. Another approach is to stick to one simple minimalist style. After trying out different things and getting into your comfort zone, you can decide if you want to keep a "mixed style" or a simple one. 

The end of the year and the beginning of the new one is the perfect time for a makeover

Here are some tips and examples of styles and trends you might like. Don't forget to follow me as well on Facebook

  • Style mixing: it's a huge trend but can be difficult to do well. If you don't do it right you could end up looking like a clown and that's not the idea. Start by mixing denim pieces with softer ones. For example, instead of wearing a coat on top of a long dress, wear a denim jacket. 
Dress & denim jacket, Mango. Heels, Topshop. Necklace & clutch, Accessorize. Ring, Uterque.
Blazer & t-shirt, Mango. Boyfriend jeans, Pull & Bear. Shoes, Blanco. Necklace, Asos. Clutch, Accessorize. Belt, Uterque.

  • Texture mixing: probably one of the best things about the Autumn is that you can put different textures together for a sophisticated look. Fur and lace, leather and chiffon, chunky knits and silk, leather and cotton, quilted leather with jersey and lace, even (metallic) Lurex with wool. The secret to texture mixing is to stick to a colour palette to achieve a subtle but playful look. 
Leather leggings, t-shirt & necklace, Mango. Coat & bag, Blanco. Shoes, Zara. 
Dress, Topshop. Faux fur jacket, DKNY. Shoes, Mango. Necklace, Blanco. Lispy diamante stretch head band, Asos. Clutch, Accessorize. 

Leather blazer, top & pants, Mango. Clutch & necklace, Asos. Shoes & ring, Selfridges.

  • Minimalist: is probably the easiest style to achieve. It gives an ultra-chic look and it never goes out of fashion. Think bold colours, neutrals and simple cuts. Several designers given up adornments in favour of simplicity. Get the look by wearing a neutral colour from head to toe and adding a little pop of colour with accessories, lipstick, or even nail polish. 
Dress, Blanco. Shoes, Zara. Necklace, Parfois. Clutch, Accessorize.

Dress, Mango. Shoes, Clutch & ring, Accessorize.

  • Colour block: a trend so popular that it's hard to resist. What started with bright colours last Spring is still going strong. The colours are a bit more subdued. Neutrals are often part of the colour block palette, such as a romantic taupe with white, or pale pink with clean white. There's still room for a neon colour, though. Some designers have paired hot pink with burgundy and metallics and the result is spectacular. 
Jacket & blouse, Blanco. Palazzo trousers, peep toe shoes & ring, Mango. Clutch,

Dress, Biker jacket & cuff, Mango. Shoes & earrings, Selfridges. Clutch, Accessorize. 

Monday, 17 December 2012

Why black if you can have plum?

In the old days the all black look used to be worn by widows as a sign of mourning. Nowadays it's a  fashion statement. Wearing black will always be fashionable. But why limit yourself to that colour? Black can be boring and repetitive so why be boring when you could stand out in the crowd? 
There are other ways to look great and one of them is plum.

Plum is a sotisticated colour. It's perfect to be worn from day to night as a total look or combined with black, grey, purple or camel. 

We have seen it on the runways and Massimo Dutti has used this trend as an inspiration for its latest look book.




Here you have some pieces you could find in "affordable"shops: 

1. Boots, Topshop 2. Dress, Asos. 3. Knitted beanie, Zara. 4. Total look, H&M. 5. Necklace, Parfois. 6. Total look, H&M. 7. Jumper, H&M. 8. Bag, Asos. 9. Jacket, Mango. 10, Sweat t-shirt, Topshop. 11. Coat, Zara. 12. Belt, Uterque. 13. Sunglasses, Asos. 14. Dress, Asos. 15. Peep-toe pumps, Mango. 16. Gloves, Mango. 17. Dress, Asos. 18. Suede biker jacket, Mango.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

How to wear animal prints: rule # 12.

Every season a new trend pushes its way into fashion, and animal prints always keep on coming into and falling out of it pretty soon. These prints can turn your ordinary look into an original, sexy one, sometimes making you look even too accentuated as well.

So in order to know how to put things together, it is essential to learn what works for your body type and personal style. Animal printed clothing pieces can look maximum chic and trendy, if you coordinate them correctly. So do not be afraid that this print is not for you. Simply learn easy style tips to combine leopard, zebra, snakeskin prints with the rest of your outfit and you will have a stunning look. Below you can find some smart ideas on how to wear animal prints and look chic and feminine, instead of vulgar.

One of the wisest tricks to add a high dose of personality to any outfit and define your figure is to add a small leopard print clutch or shoes. Animal prints don’t really work with everything. Let's have a look at the clothes that can be worn, whenever you are aiming to put on your loved leopard shoes. Once you get the best combination, then you will beat for drama, glamour and sexual appeal. If you want to stand out in the crowd with your eye catching appearance, then opt for a red dress paired with a black belt and leopard pump heels. You will have a way accentuated appearance.


Whenever starting to wear new things, always start with small accessories to check how it works.
Black is the ideal color for leopard print shoes and belts.

Leopard shoes, for instance, almost always go well with black dresses, skirts, and pants. They are indeed an ideal match for leopard print shoes. A leopard belt is another addition to a simple black dress creating an interesting and trendy picture. This is explained partly by the fact that leopard prints already have a black tone in them, that makes the latter harmonious with a black outfit, however, there is another thing that makes the combination acceptable, that is because black really emphasizes the lighter tones in standard leopard print patterns. So, that’s an easy choice. However, you would not like to keep your favorite shoes for black only. You may sometimes get tired of that and need a change. For this opt for white as well as neutral colors of lighter shades. This is another solution to the print. Take cream, beige and white. You can stick to such colors that are close to the second color of the leopard print, the lighter one. These colors are the traditional colors that will always make the classics. Other colors, especially bright ones are sometimes a little bit risky, so make sure you pick the right color for a particular outfit. All the above mentioned color rules work for zebra and snakeskin prints too, as they also contain almost the same hues in them and can make a gorgeous combination with black, white or earthy tones.


Although khaki, olive green, brown, and rust tones might be overlooked for some of us, they are still an acceptable choice for leopard prints to combine with. Remember to pick one of these colors at a time though. It’s also advised to match mid-toned neutrals and earth shades with neutral-hued prints, including leopard and cheetah patterns.

If the leopard print shoes you have are black and white, match them with cooler mid-tones, such as olive and gray. Or if the latter features a more cream base, then think about warmer tones, like rusts and browns.


• Begin with small portions, such as accessories, when adding animal print into your wardrobe.

• Pick animal prints according to your body shape. Pay attention to your size. Tighter prints like cheetah and leopard look amazing on most people, while larger ones, including cow and giraffe prints, are harder to pull off, as they have lots of white space. To make the task easier, use such prints in small doses, such as scarves, belts, a small clutch or a pair of shoes.

• Always choose one animal printed item and match it with a solid bottom or top. Hardly would you like to create the impression as if you have just escaped from the jungle. Keep to the classical look by sticking to one animal printed piece at a time. For instance, you can match an animal print cropped top or tunic with smart linen trousers or black leggings. Otherwise, if you want to make your legs the main focus, go for a bold pair of leopard tights and wear them with a neutral shift dress.

• Wear animal prints with sweaters. If you have cheetah pants or tights then feel free to use them with oversized warm sweaters you will sure find in your wardrobe. Take black, cream, red or any other color that will match the print.

• Keep things maximum simple, if you want to avoid a vulgar look. Leopard print clothing pieces come not only in traditional brown shades, but also in more cheerful purple, red, yellow, blue or any other tones. In order to avoid a fashion mistake watch out with print mixing. For a more polished, classic look, it is recommended to pick shades closest to natural animal tones.

• Better use heels when wearing animal prints. Any leopard continuing outfit looks great with heels rather than flats.

• Wear leopard prints with army and mint green. If you want to make an exception from the rule and differ from the classical colors that normally go well with leopard prints, then take army green or mint green , which really go with everything.

• Go extra bold. A silhouette-embracing leopard print dress, a bodysuit or jacket in animal prints can accentuate your look. When you sport a statement-making fashion item in animal prints, let the print become the focus of attention. Use minimal amount of jewelry, like simple stud earrings, and keep other accessories muted. To get the perfect fitting leopard clothing for your body, simply have it tailored.

• Add more drama to your look. If you want to highlight your outfit, pair leopard prints with red. You will have a sexy, glamorous look. Zebra and snakeskin prints also look glamorous with red.

Add a signature to your look by wearing leather. A leather jacket is an ideal pick for an animal print blouse or a shirt. Go for black pants or jeans and you will rock the fashion.

Dress, Blanco. Shoes, Zara. Belt & bag, Asos. 
Dress & jacket, Mango. Shoes, Nine West. Bag, Parfois. 
Shirt, pants & ring, Mango. Jacket & boots, Blanco. Bag, Asos. 
Shirt, pants & coat, Mango. Shoes, Topshop. Bag & sunglasses, Asos. 

Credits:, Getty Images

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Winter Weekends

Once again the weekend is here. It's time to relax, enjoy long chats over coffee with friends, lunches with the family and also to party all night long! Whatever you do, you need to look gorgeous and be the center of attention. On rainy days a trench coat like this one is just perfect. It's an essential for any woman's wardrobe and, although it is a classic piece, it is very versatile. Wear it with jeans or leggings, you will be comfy and cozy.
Top & jeans, Mango. Trench coat, Dorothy Perkins. Foulard & belt, Uterque. Sneakers, Blanco. Sunglasses & bag, Asos.

At night it's all change and the challenge is to be sexy without looking cheap. Leave your boots at home and choose a pair of high heels. Pair your boyfriends jeans with a plain top and add some edge and sparkle with a sequined waistcoat like the one I chose from Mango. Don't forget to wear a jacket. In this look I went for the fur bomber jacket from Topshop. Add some accessories but don't overdo it! The sequined waistcoat is sparkly enough!

Pull & Bear boyfriend jeans. Top & sequined waistcoat, Mango. Fur bomber jacket & heels, Topshop. Clutch & cuff, Asos. Belt, Uterque. Rig, Selfridges. 

Thursday, 6 December 2012

How to wear leather: Chic, not S&M

Undoubtedly leather is one of the sexiest and most durable fabrics that can be worn forever. That is why when buying a leather piece of clothing or accessories, you can be sure that you have not made the wrong investment. The latter is indeed very fashionable, original and of high quality.

Whenever buying any leather clothing, you should first of all learn to understand which type you need and can afford: natural leather, that is not cheap, and artificial leather, that looks perfect, however it is not durable, besides sometimes it really looks very cheap on you.

Since leather is not an ordinary fabric that can be washed once worn, you should learn how to use it right. Follow the essential tips below.


• Always choose for such a leather piece that suits your figure and accentuates your assets perfectly. Leather jackets, pants and skirts may be of various styles, so make sure that you have something that is flattering and in the right size. Leather sizes are often quite small and accordingly can cling, so a little looser one will not be harmful to you. You will also break it in and mold it to your figure the more you wear it.

• Every type of clothing has its best season to be worn. For example, velvet is not a typical summer wear at all. What concerns leather, it can, however, be worn in summer sometimes. Yet do not only follow the instinct that you should be wearing your leather garment just because it is trendy or looks perfect on you. If you feel uncomfortable and sweating in it during hot summer days, you had better not wear that thick fabric, which makes you too warm.

• It is also important to consider the type of event or place you are attending. Leather can be very fashionable and modern but not appropriate for every occasion. So make sure you know exactly who you will be surrounded by, to decide what to put on. You do not want to end up looking too much overdressed and sex appealing, do you? Especially if you like those tight pants that may make you blink in the crowd.

• Also it is a basic rule not to combine too many leather pieces at a time. It is preferable to stick to one leather piece of clothing rather than covering your body entirely with this fabric. When pairing a single leather piece with other simple fabrics, you will first of all highlight the leather, besides tone down the outfit also.

• Since leather is not a simple fabric that can be hand washed or washed in the machine, be careful with leather. You have to care for it by special products that are designed for leather care. First of all you will not damage its look, secondly you will make it last long by periodically giving it a slight repair.

• However, as everything else, any piece of clothing that is worn too much can one day become useless. When you notice that your leather clothes are already becoming shapeless, stretched out or any scratches appear on them, you had better get rid of that piece.

• Be careful, not to wear too many accessories at a time, while wearing leather. Better refrain from chunky jewelry pieces if you don’t want to create a trashy look. Too many silver rings, big earrings and necklaces worn with leather will make you look cheap.

• To add an interesting vibe to your look, try other colors of leather rather than traditional black or brown leather. Think bright shades, like green, red or blue or go for creamy and earthy tones.


Leather skirts have become an inseparable part of a fashionable wardrobe. Every self respecting fashion addicted girl will sure keep this article in her wardrobe, since the latter is appealing, feminine and versatile, of course. They can be of different shapes and colors. Worn with different tops every time, you will create a different, sexy look. Picking up a leather skirt is not hard, once you know your size and your body peculiarities, yet it is difficult to decide how to wear it to mostly benefit from its effects. There are lots of options of pairing leather skirt with, such as pairing it with a polished piece like a prim, silky blouse. You will get a feminine, stylish result. Or you can take a black leather pleated mini skirt with some chic shirt, peep-toe heels, and a mini bag, that can be ideally a perfect choice for a cocktail. An elegant mini straight skirt worn with a laced white blouse will always look fantastic on you. Pair that outfit with white or beige heels and a small clutch and you will have a trendy look.

If you do not want to stick to the traditional black you can easily opt for colored leather skirts. 

Total look, Mango. Clutch, Asos. 

Shirt, Dorothy Perkins. Blazer, mini leather skirt & studded lace-up shoes, Mango. Bag, Asos. 

Blouse, Mango. Leather pleated skirt,, Peep toe shoes, Zara. Earrings & bag, Asos. Necklace, Blanco. 


Leather tight trousers for skinny figures can be an ideal casual wear. By pairing the leather pants with a classic silk blouse you will sure not have a biker look, yet can wear this outfit on practically any occasion. A pair of high heels, which is always the best choice when wearing leather, will compliment the outfit. Do not forget about a bag, preferably a multi strap suede satchel, which will only be another addition to this chic look. Accessories, such as a necklace of bright colors, like velvet, blue or even green, can contrast the outfit, thus creating and incredibly fantastic and fashionable result.

If you are fond of leggings, you can try leather ones. When pairing the latter with both flats and extremely high heels you can have a modern look. Whenever you want to make your legs be statement making, feel free to take slim and tight leather leggings and combine the rest of the outfit in a way to make it visual.

Here are some tips for you to keep in mind:

• First of all make sure it fits you well. Since leggings normally get your body shape after being worn several times and it is likely that you will have your knee zone a little bit loose, you can take a size smaller.

• It is esthetically accurate to always wear leggings with tunics, no matter how slim your figure is. Leggings are those pieces of clothing that should no way be worn with short tops. They are too tight to be left bare. Especially if you are overweight, a tunic can help you hide your curves on the back.

• If you like belts, then you can define your waistline with one.

• Whenever wearing black leggings, take any bright colored tunic that matches your skin tone most. For a colder day you can add a jacket on top the tunic, like a tailored one, which is the perfect pairing for leggings. Select a flattering jacket that hugs the curves of your body and is nipped at the waist. Since your tunic is already a bright one, opt for a traditional black jacket. To finish the look wear high heeled pumps and accessories. Bracelets, earrings, as well as a small handbag will serve as the final touch.
Blouse, Blazer & leather shorts, Mango. Lincoln patent brogues, Heels, Topshop. Bag, Parfois. 
Total look & bracelet, Mango. Shoes, Zara. Bag & earrings, Blanco. 
Total look, Mango. Shoes, Zara. Ring & bag, Parfois. Necklace, Accessorize. Sunglasses,

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Jeans: how to wear them.

A pair of fitting jeans is the most used piece of clothing that can be found in every girl’s wardrobe. It is very comfortable and easy to pull on. Moreover, the denim trend is always there. Every season it comes back with slight changes and innovations.

Sometimes it is difficult to get the exact fitting jeans. So, in order to learn ways to make the right pick, as well as learn how to wear jeans right, I advise you to follow the fashion tips below.


There are several general rules that help to pick the right jeans:

  • Do not try to focus on the latest trends, unless you are sure they will match you. Instead, take the classical jeans without decorations and abrasions. They can be worn on many occasions combined with different tops.
  • Pick up materials that are of good quality and will not lose their shape having been washed or worn for several times.
  • Avoid jeans with low-lying back pockets that only shorten your figure.
  • Jeans that start on the hips are really trendy, but make sure your underwear is not seen. It is not trendy at all and not pleasant to eye. Or you can always opt for those styles that have the average waistline.

Since there are different body types (as I mentioned in other post Rule # 10), let us examine each of them separately, analyzing what types of jeans should be picked for each of them accordingly.

There is always a perfect pair of jeans for every body shape. However, for those who need some advice on this respect here are some tips to follow when buying a pair of jeans according to your body type.

Elle Magazine

Elle Magazine


Lets start with the easiest and most common body type: hourglass. This is, as all of us know, the ideal feminine body shape that has the right proportions. However, when it comes to picking a pair of fitting jeans you may have some problems. Your choices can detract from your natural curves. If you have an ideal hourglass body shape and are not over weight then the task becomes easier. When choosing jeans you should aim to show your natural curves correctly. Don’t hide them, do not be afraid of looking too feminine. Draw attention to your thinnest part, your waist.

Since your body is ideal here are some tips to keep in mind:

• Pick the right fit.

• Wear the ones that fit your waistline perfectly.

• Choose such jeans that go straight from the hips to the knees and are well flared at the end of the legs.

• To stay away from the unflattering opening in the back, pick a pair of jeans with larger hip cut and a smaller waist.

• Still, if you fail to find such type of jeans, go for a pair that fits around the butt and goes loose at the waistline.

• Always opt for stretch denim, since it embraces your curves tightly.

• Low rise jeans are ideal, when you have a slightly short waist and want to balance your proportions.

Other interesting facts to remember are not concealing your beautiful body by oversized loose jeans. Always avoid those baggy jeans. However, too tight ones are not preferable either, since you may feel somewhat uncomfortable in them. Straight cuts may look ok on you, but they will look very simple on such a rich curvy body. Always remember about accessories. Go for belts and waistbands, they will draw attention to your waist.


With this body shape, your goal should be focused on enhancing your upper part of the body and drawing attention away from your bottom, which is quite full.

• Boot-cut and flared legs give a long and lean look.

• Stretchy jeans can work perfectly for you, thus making you feel comfortable.

• Pick up dark colors, they will visually make your hips look narrower.

• Take your exact size, with a comfortably fitting waist, otherwise your tummy may be cut and you will end up with an unpleasant fat hanging on top your waist cut.

• Avoid any pockets since they will even shorten your legs thus making them appear fatter.

• Avoid tight jeans, especially those that are tight at the knees.

• Avoid horizontal detailing at hip level, such as contrasting pockets.

• Also refrain from those jeans with several embellishments on the back pockets, which will widen your back.

Once you choose the matching jeans, now feel free to get some accessories. Highlight your upper part by choosing blouses of flowing materials with lots of details or patterns. You can wear necklaces that will even catch more attention on the upper part. Long jackets can be worn, however, make sure they go below the hips. As has already been mentioned, choose darker bottoms and bright tops for contrast.


The task here is to shift the attention from your shoulders and bust to your narrow hips. You can opt for:

• The traditional, universal Boot-cut and flared legs.

• Choose side pockets, which create a fuller thigh.

• Consider low rise jeans with a contoured waistline.

• Jeans featuring tapered legs to the knees will also look fine. However, make sure not to pick ones with exaggerated flare.

• Any embellishments in the front and back pocket areas will make your hips more emphasized.

• Never use jeans that are extremely tight in the knees.

• Also avoid standard straight legged jeans.

• Say no to big rear pockets.

• Opt for brighter colors.

You can always wear tunics with jeans. You can also use low slung belts that will focus attention onto your hips. Since you have wider shoulders, avoid shoulder pads and opt for darker colored jackets or tops to minimize the width.


If you have this body shape, then you should not highlight your hips and knees. Try to elongate your figure to look slimmer. Use darker colors of jeans.

• Choose jeans that fit your waist and are quite wide on the hips.

• Follow the rule of sticking to at least one inch below your belly button.

• Wide waistbands can help you create the ilusion of a flat belly.

• Diagonal front pockets also have a slimming effect.

• Avoid tapered legs.

• Do not buy saggy or baggy pants.

• Avoid styles that sit tightly on your legs especially on the hips and knees.

• Also better refrain from high waist jeans, since they tend to make your butt look huge.

For a final look, work on the rest of your outfit. Tops should emphasize your upper part, so do not take those that end at your back. Take V-necks and wear necklaces to draw attention onto your top part. Also feel free to use narrow belts matching your top to elongate your torso, or the color of your pants to elongate your bottom.


With this boyish body shape you'll have to create artificial curves.

• Look for a relaxed flared fit that hugs and lifts your butt.

• Low rise jeans with a high back and low front are a good choice if you have a short waist.

• If your waist is long enough, jeans with a higher rise can help accentuate the curves on your hips.

• A contoured waistband will help create curves.

• Avoid a straight cut, which is your number one enemy.

When pulling on the rest of your clothing, opt for v-necks. Tightly fitting blouses are not for you. For a more accentuated look use necklaces to attract attention upwards. Opt for a long tailored jacket. If you like accessories like belts, use them in the same color as you top. Also give preference to bold prints that create curvier shapes.


Since you have narrow bust and broad hips, your goal is to draw attention from your waist and focus attention on your bust.

• A boot cut fit with some stretch is your best choice.

• Look for pockets that sit higher as they will make your legs appear longer.

• If your waist is short, a slightly low rise cut will help make your torso look longer.

• Avoid capris, as they even define the diamond shape more.

• Avoid embellishments in rear pockets as they attract attention to that area.

When you are putting outfits together, take blouses that are fitted over the bust and spread over the hips. Use necklaces and shoulder pads. Avoid thick belts, especially if you do not have a contoured waist line. 

I hope those tips could help you to find the right pair of jeans so you could look great. If you need any extra help don't hesitate to contact me. 

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Credits: Fashionisers.