Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Rule # 29: How to wear ripped jeans.

We see it everywhere. From celebrities to bloggers, from your neighbour to maybe even your aunt. Ripped jeans are here to stay and even if your dad says ripped jeans were a sign of poverty in his day, nowadays they are a must have. Hard to believe, isn't it?

Ripped jeans appeared on the fashion scene in the 80s due to the influence of the alternative rockers and have become more and more widespread in contemporary fashion trends. This season the grunge trend is huge so having a pair of ripped jeans is part of any fashion victim's wardrobe.

So if you want to be trendier than ever and look chic, the first thing you have to do is choose a pair of jeans that flatter your figure. Have a look at my post "How to wear Jeans". Once you have chosen which kind of jeans are better for you, ask in the shop for the same model but ripped! My recommendation is that if you want to have classy and body-conscious shapes, the preference should be for skinny ripped jeans. On the other hand, the effortless effect is best achieved with baggy jeans and turn-ups. However, the important thing is not the type, but your body shape and your boyfriend's ripped jeans are great for minimizing anything you don't want to show.

Now the question is, what to wear ripped jeans with? Everybody knows that ripped jeans go best with the grunge style but there are other styles you can wear with these jeans. And they go from the classic to the most romantic. Loft a classic style, you could pair them with heels and a lace top. Anther look that works perfectly is the timeless black and white combination: just wear a white shirt with black ripped jeans, glittery shapes on tops paired with skinny alternatives and some black items like jackets and simple tops. And you might be asking yourself what you can wear with them in the cold weather? We'll, it's simple. Wear ripped jeans with a cream trench coat or beige jacket or even with an oversized coat.

I personally think that they look really chic and trendy when they the jeans flatter your figure and you combine them with the right accessories. I love them! What do you think about this trend? Have a look at the outfits I created for you.

Ripped jeans, Rag & Bone. Sunglasses, Ray Ban. Blouse & Heels, Topshop. Bomber jacket & Bag, Mango. 

Ripped jeans, Coat & Shirt, Mango. Bag & Shoes, Necklace, Zara. 

Ripped jeans & Top, Mango. Boots, Topshop. Sunglasses & bag, Zara. Jacket,

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