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Rule # 33: How to wear leather pants.

One of the pieces every woman should have in her wardrobe is a good pair of leather pants. Our celebs love them! I know it could be expensive but at least get a cheap one that looks good! And don't worry, it might be possible to see in the streets more "inexpensive" leather pants than expensive ones. 

Victoria Beckham - Kate Moss - Miranda Kerr

The first thing you have to think about is your body shape and the second thing you should know is what type leather pants you are going to find in the market such us straight shapes (the classic straight pants), skinny types (fit like skinny jeans) and cropped pants. 

Going back to the body shapes, unfortunately not every one looks good wearing the same type of leather pants. This means that a pair that looks amazing on your straight shaped colleague might not look good on your pear body figure. Unlike the other pants, leather pants don't conceal the imperfection or your figure, but emphasize and accentuate them even more

But how can you pair your leather (or leather look) pants with? Pay atention. Honestly, it might be easier if I start saying what not to wear your leather pants with

• Leather pants should not be combined with pieces with shimmery texture.

• Tops with a deep plunging neckline and other semi-transparent pieces should also be avoided.

• If you are not a rocker, then you really shouldn’t go for all-leather combinations.

Instead opt for this:

• Straight pants look great in business combinations. You may complete the image with a turtleneck or a top of light tone, topping it with a business style blazer. 

• For the casual style you may wear your leather pants matching them with sweatshirts and jackets. The shoes may be of any type, however, it’s better to opt for high heels for a better effect. If you like the country style you can also pair your leather pants with boots and a denim shirt. 

• For a night out or a party you may pair your leather pants with a corset or a silk top. This is probably the only case when you may pick a little bit of sparkling things using brighter accessories and jewelry.

• If you like to be bold and be the center of attention then match your leather pants with a trench with leopard prints which will create a really bold image. However, you need to be sure to pick black pants and match all that with a limited number of accessories.

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