Friday, 28 June 2013

Rule # 24: How to wear a jumpsuit.

The jumpsuit trend has a great history, it hasn't been created lately. Just a new and modern approach has been added to it. Thereby, the jumpsuit style is complied with new fashionable elements. It was fashionable during the ancient times. Women who introduced the fashion were provided with jumpsuits in 1919. 

The spring/summer 2013 fashion trends bring back the stylish and elegant outfit. The jumpsuit trend comes in all styles, colours, prints and materials. Just like that, it's suitable to wear both during the day and night. You can put it on while going to work or to the beach. You can rely on the jumpsuit on any occasion. 

Would you like to go into details and know more about the jumpsuit trend? Keep reading...


If you have never dared to wear jumpsuits before because of your personal reasons but you have just made up your mind to experiment and look hot, this summer 2013 gives you this splendid opportunity.

Here you have some key elements:
  • At ease lines, stainless cut, delicate draping.
  • Extra sized shoulders, low-cut neckline, trousers in a crop form.
  • Light materials, very large legs, prints.
  • Pockets, indivisible belts, solid colours. 


It is up to you to decide whether to choose solid colors or prints. It depends on your taste, on your appreciation of beauty, on your body silhouette and also on the event. If you are prone to a classy style, choose a solid colour which can be both neutral and bright, and make your look shimmering by wearing a pair of stylish shoes. Otherwise, you can choose a frisky print.


There are jumpsuits for different occasions: sporty, frisky or up-to-date jumpsuits and overalls.
For a sporty look you had better choose relaxed and easygoing body silhouettes. For a frisky appearance amusing prints are more recommendable. For an up-to-date look you can choose rich and florid materials, classic colours and womanish body silhouettes.


We should consider one important fact that we cannot wear each outfit at work. Fortunately, this problem doesn’t concern the jumpsuit trend. If you plan to wear jumpsuits while going to work then you had better choose pure and minimum lines in infallible smart silhouettes, which can be in solid colours and in graceful prints. You can pair the jumpsuit with accessories, light makeup and simple hairstyle.


You don’t have to spend much time on deciding what to wear while going shopping or for a walk. Jumpsuit trend is a great help for you. Just put it on with little accessories, under a jacket, with high heels or wedge heels. It provides you with a careless and easy look.


Jumpsuits came to be a perfect substitute for a fascinating dressing gown. Tips: elegant materials, soft details, womanish accessories and purified hue tones.


While going for a party you always can choose a little black dress but if you want to follow summer 2013 trends, then wear a black jumpsuit as an alternative to a little black dress. You can show off some of your body parts by delicate cuts, or just open your back. Long sleeves give you a graceful look. You will get a perfect finish by wearing belts and making your lips red.

So, you learnt how and where to wear jumpsuits. Let’s experiment with this new style! What do you think about my choice? 

Left: Denim jumpsuit & necklace, Zara. Shopper bag, Mango. Shoes, Topshop. Sunglasses, Oakley. Right: Jumpsuit, Dorothy Perkins. Necklace & bag, Zara. Shoes, Aldo.

Left: Jumpsuit, Clutch, Shoes, Karen Millen. Earrings, Aldo. Right: Jumpsuit, Zara. Shoes, Topshop. Clutch, Aldo. Cuff, BCBGMaxazria. 

And you, are you a jumpsuit fan? Have a great weekend!! 

Pics: Internet

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Wedge trainers versus heels.

The other day I was reading a fashion magazine and there was an article that caught my attention about a new trend that has been around since last winter: wedge trainers (sneakers for my American friends!). The article talks about the opinion of two very different people. A fashion designer and CEO of a Spanish brand and a journalist, a woman and a man. I was really surprised when the woman said that anyone who refuses to wear trainers outside the gym is too full of it!. She also suggested that trainers could be worn with formal clothes such as a tailored suit for work. On other hand, the journalist claimed that any woman who wears trainers with formal clothing doesn't know what are they are doing and they've been given directions on how to put on outfit and they did it wrong.

These days you find wedge trainers in any colours, material, print, etc. and they don't even look like trainers but at the end of the day, they are shoes that should be worn with casual clothes, and believe me, they are a great choice, but not to attend to a wedding. Please!

This is one of the reasons why celebrities shouldn't trust designers. Designers design. That's their job. Stylists on other hand know what works the best for the client. And trainers of any kind with a suit or a dress are forbidden. That's is my opinion. What do you think? I would love to know yours.

I don't have anything against wedge trainers at all, the only thing is that I don't think they're right to wear all the time.

Monday, 24 June 2013

Shoes to wear to the beach.

Summer is here and most of you have been already looking for the trendiest swimsuits of the season in other to look your best while relaxing in the sun. Of course it's important to pay attention to your personal style and figure first while choosing your swimsuit, however, styling and accessorizing come to take up an essential role in a fashionable beach look too, like anywhere else in the fashion world. It's easier to style a look that features more than just a small piece of fabric that barely covers your bust and back. Since there aren't too many accessories to use for making a beach look trendy and hot, footwear comes to take a lead here. To stay away from styles mistakes and make your beach look super-trendy, follow my tips and learn what shoes to wear to the beach! 

When you choose your beach shoes the most important tip is to give preference to comfort but without forgetting the fashion. Although you may see models wearing cool high-heeled shoes with bikinis in famous swimwear campaigns and glamorous photo shoots you, of course, don't want to look ridiculous by trying to copycat them on the daily basis. Instead you should opt for light and foot-friendly sandals, comfy wedges or just flip flops, matching the colours and the style of your footwear with your bathing suit and the cover-ups. Here you have some ideas on what shoes to wear with bikinis and beach cover-ups to look sexy and trendy! 


Flat sandals and thong flats coming in cheerful colours and with flirty embellishments are perhaps the best footwear to wear to the beach. They are both comfortable and stylish as well as look amazing in combination with shorts, breezy summer dresses and tunics that you may wear on top of your swimwear.


Gladiators sandals are other super trend and functional footwear options ideal for a beach look. You can wear them with floor-lenght maxi dresses and skirts as well as mini ones and shorts. However, gladiator sandals are ideal for tall and thin girls while those who are shorter and a little bit fuller will lose the length of their legs in this footwear.
But if there's a shoe style closely associated with the beach it's of course flip flops. They come in a variety of colours and cool prints. Flip flops look relaxed and classy both while walking on the sandy beach and off the shore. They are specially a good option when you quite often lack time and have to put on something hurriedly before going out to the beach.


Do you want to look sexy and fabulous while on the beach? Wedge sandals are your choice since they elongate your silhouette without losing their comfort and practicality. Whether you prefer monochrome and timeless wedges or ones featuring stripes, floral or ethnic prints and a myriad of colours, wedge sandals look maximum flirty and effortless when matched with beach outfits. 

BALLERINA FLATS, MOCCASINS, SNEAKERS & Other lightweight flat summer shoes

Moccasins for women, pretty ballerina flats, sneakers or other flat shoes will look amazing with capri pants, shorts, casual skirts and summer dresses that you can wear to the beach. You even can experiment with the colours and styles of the shoes to get a glamorous chic casual makeover for a cool beach party or a boat/yacht ride. 

And you, which one do you prefer?

Pics: Pinterest

Friday, 21 June 2013

Rule # 23: How to wear a bomber jacket.

The bomber jacket is back and it's better than ever for this season, but do you know what a bomber jacket is? Bomber jackets are also known as flying jackets because there were originally created for pilots but later became really famous in popular culture and it's a huge trend this season, so you need to get your hands on a good bomber jacket that you could even wear through the fall season. We've seen bomber jackets on a number of catwalks. The originally bomber jackets were reserved for men only but designers reinvented them with different fabrics and styles for women. My suggestion is to look for bomber jackets in feminine fabrics and patterns.

Stella McCartney - Viktor & Rolf

So how could you wear your bomber jacket? You can wear it with jeans, skirts, pants and even shorts over a t-shirt or shirt. The secret is to play with the accessories and feel comfortable. Pay attention to your body type because a bomber jacket will make you look fuller than you are. 
Have a look at these examples I've created for you: 

Bomber, jeans & top, Mango. Bag, Zara. Shoes, Nine West. Bangles, Rare London.

Bomber & shorts, Mango. Shoes, Zara. Necklace, Clutch, Asos.

Bomber, top & bag, Zara. Trousers, J Brand Collection. Sandals, Topshop. Belt, Mango. 

Bomber & heels, Mango. Top, Lord & Taylor. Skirt, Zara. Bag,

What do you think? 
So when you look for a bomber jacket keep these ideas in mind: soft shades, pretty fabrics and cool prints.

Have a nice weekend! 

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Rule # 22: How to wear Palazzo Pants.

The new trend, palazzo pants, are elegant and feminine and because of their wide leg and light fabric, they’re perfect for keeping you cool on hot summer days.

Palazzo pants are easy to pull-on and go, provide balance and flatter wider thighs and hips, and create the illusion of a maxi skirt while keeping the freedom of pants intact.

An ideal pair of Palazzos should skim the floor with heels on. Wear fitted tops or tuck your top in when wearing Palazzos as it gives the illusion of a taller you. Your tops can be colorful to balance the look. Wear wedges heels to add height. Accessorize with contrasting jewelry for jazzing up the outfit.

What do you think? Do you like this trend? Do you like this outfit I created for you?

Palazzo pants & top, Zara. Sandals, Asos. Necklace, Mango. Bag, Blanco. Sunglasses, Ted Baker.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Oriental (Express) Inspiration.

Designers are turning to the Far East for inspiration, as oriental prints and lavish fabrics take precedence on the catwalk. From traditional chinoiserie motifs to opulent kimono detailing, these prints add a touch of elegance and luxury. Featuring repeated patterns of delicate blossoms and elaborate embellishments in beautiful watercolor washes. I show you how to incorporate the oriental trend into your summer wardrobe.

Chic and sophisticated summer dresses become ornate with asian-inspired prints. Interlaced green , yellow and purple florals gives a polished yet playful look to a soft A line dress while a more modernized take on oriental design is imagined with black flowered kimono inspire dress. For simple lines, a wrap dress featuring hues of red and pink and for a classic look butterflies flies throughout a blossom dress. 

From scenic chinoiserie graphics to delicate watercolor prints, asian infused tops are delightful for summertime.

Trousers, jumpsuits and jeans are all hopping on the oriental express. Black pants are adorned with dainty blossoms for a pleasant contrast. In other hand a colourful pants with a burst of vibrant florals. 

The oriental trend could give you a very chic look if you know how to use it. When wearing big patterns and colourful pieces it might be a good idea to turn down the volume of your accessories. And please don't take this trend to the very end and don't over do it, you don't want to look like a japanese cartoon!

What do you think about this trend?

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

New trend: Mom Jeans!

Good morning all! There's something new out there that is pushing so hard to become a trend. If wearing your brother's or even your boyfriend's jeans was the latest trend last season, now the new trend on the streets is wearing your mom’s jeans! You know the ones: with a high waist and tapered leg.

It’s a really cool look but you have to give some thought as to how you wear the jeans and style the whole look as you probably don’t want to end up looking exactly like your mother!

Don't forget that mom jeans aren't suitable for all body types! Give them a miss if you have a triangle or oval shape. 

Here are some looks I’ve created for you. Do you like them? Feel free to leave a comment! Thanks for following! 

Jean, Topshop. T-shirt & blazer, Mango. Heels, Zara. Clutch, Jane Norman (

Jeans, Topshop. T-shirt, Blanco. Jacket, Zara. Heels, Guess. Bag, Dorothy Perkins.

Monday, 10 June 2013


When the good weather arrives we'll see high-heels platform sandals everywhere and they are a great alternative to flats. During the spring there are more options in terms of shoe colours. While the main colours in winter are brown, black and plum, in the warmer period everything changes. There is a much greater range of colours and we want all of them! 

Sandals with platform and square heel are perfect for this season. They're perfect to show your latest pedicure trend and also to gain a couple of inches. Use and abuse them. They are suitable for day and night. 

You might think that they are a bit trashy and really massive, but if you combine them in the right way you'll get a perfect look. Pay special attention when you wear them with shorts or mini-skirts because you could end up looking a bit dated. The square heel will look even bigger so if you wear them with shorter clothes they will get more attention.

Here you have some options and a few looks I created for you. I hope you like them!

Sandals from Zara & Asos

Shirt & bag, Blanco. Jeans, Mango. Sandal, Zara.

Dress, Dorothy Perkins, Bag & sandal, Zara. Ring, Uterque.

Skirt, Top, Blanco. Bag, Zara. Sandal, Asos. 

Friday, 7 June 2013

Inés Domecq's bad styling.

As the Kylie's song says, "Can't get you (it!) out of my head"! Inés Domecq’s outfit for the wedding of María del Río Oriol and Bosco Torremocha last week in Carmona, a lovely town near Seville, is hurting my eyes and my feelings! Please! What the hell were you thinking! I like the little dress although darker colours would be more suited to night time. She's tall a has an amazing body but, in my view it's an authentic fashion disaster! From head to toe. She comes from a very wealthy family and could have any clothes she wanted, and even the help of a fashion stylist. She should know that feathers and metallics shouldn't be worn for day time events. 

As I said, darker colours are not a good option for day time events, but she should at least have had some fun with the accessories. Here you have my selection of accessories for this outfit, what do you think about them? Feel free to leave a comment. 

Have a great weekend!

Dress, Antonio García. Sandals, Jimmy Choo. Clutch, YSL. Cuff, BCBGMaxazria. Headpiece, Bundie MacLaren.

Monday, 3 June 2013

Longchamp, invest in a good quality handbag.

As you all know the main goal with this blog is to make fashion more reachable and more affordable so every woman could look good without spending a lot of money in clothes and accessories. That's what motivates me. However, there's something a woman should have: a good leather handbag. A handbag that could even take her from daytime to a night out with her girlfriends. If you are looking for this type of handbag Longchamp is your shop. You will find from the famous Le Pliagè to the model 3D and even the line created by Kate Moss, in different materials and colours and patterns. 

Longchamp Spring Summer 2013

Le Pliagè - Spring Summer 2013

Coco Rocha for Longchamp Spring Summer 2013

Last week I was invited to visit the Longchamp showroom in Lisbon to get to know the new collection for Autumn 2013. If the collection for this summer is being a huge success, the new collection will be the same. For Autumn 2013 Longchamp revisits its icons, turns the spotlight on its iconic bags – the designs which have accompanied its evolution into an international luxury house. In addition to their enduring appeal, these bags share another quality which is, perhaps, the true definition of an icon: though they may be interpreted in many different ways – in new formats, new colours, new materials – they remain essentially themselves. Instantly recognizable. Universally desirable.

The Roseau was where it all began. A simple, sophisticated shape, highlighted by a bamboo toggle.
Having celebrated the bag’s 20th anniversary in style with the Roseau Héritage, this season Longchamp debuts the ROSEAU BOX. This new tote comes in patent calfskin with a gorgeously glossy, transparent finish which reveals the leather’s delicate patina and enhances Autumn’s most sumptuous shades: dark Aubergine, warm Cumin, intriguing blue-green Cedar and rich Carmine. Available in two sizes, the smaller of which has a removable shoulder strap, the Roseau Box is signed with the Longchamp racehorse in its familiar leather oval and – naturally – the emblematic bamboo toggle with a bright nickel finish.


Legendary Légende. Launched in 2007 at the height of the It-bag phenomenon, it became a best-seller
almost overnight. Trends pass, but the Légende lives on, balancing its timelessly stylish shape, inspired by vintage doctor’s bags, with fun and fashionable finishes. For Autumn 2013, the extravagant LÉGENDE VERNI combines mirror-effect patent calfskin with the season’s exotic animal prints: panther in opulent plum tones and python in graphic black and off-white.

Named after the most glamorous of literary heroes, the Gatsby epitomizes the allure of masculine-feminine style. The pure elegance of its design is crystallized in its bold square lock, which naturally also signs the more relaxed GATSBY SPORT. This supple, destructured satchel with its wide front flap and buckle-down straps now comes in a new leather – lizard-styled sheepskin – whose “worn-in” patina and classic Black and Cognac shades add to the vintage appeal of the line. Joining the two existing shoulder-carry styles, a new smaller satchel is designed to be slung across the body for a casual, urban look.


Inspired by equestrian elegance, the Balzane showcases Longchamp’s traditional savoir-faire and expresses the energy and modernity of the Longchamp woman. The line’s signature saddle-style flap – revisited in lizard-print cowhide – is the standout detail of the supple BALZANE ROOTS hobo bag, which for Autumn 2013 is interpreted in three elegantly muted shades: Mauve, Taupe and Cumin. Contrasting smooth mocha leather trim adds fashion flair to this chic, sporty design.

Clockwise from the top: The Roseau, The Légende, The Gatsby, The Balzane. 

Longchamp Showroom 

Longchamp Showroom

Longchamp Showroom 

Longchamp Showroom

Longchamp Showroom 

Longchamp Showroom 

Longchamp Showroom 
Credits & pics: Longchamp

Sunday, 2 June 2013

2º Workshop Image Consulting in Fuentes de Andalucía (Sevilla)

Last Saturday ‘The Fashion Guide Blog’ was in Fuentes de Andalucía (Seville) with the 2nd Image Consulting Workshop to teach and give some tips to women on how to look better and make good use of their wardrobe. It was a success and everyone who came loved it, and there are even some women in town waiting for the 3rd edition. 
In this workshop they learn about their body type and which colours they should choose to enhance their beauty. We also talk about the importance of having basic essentials pieces. 

This 2nd edition was even better organised thanks to the help of Imagina Eventos and El Dulce Hogar de Carol who made the evening even sweeter with their mini cupcakes. Thanks to both of them!

Ayer sábado día 1 de junio "The Fashion Guide Blog" estuvo en la localidad sevillana de Fuentes de Andalucía con el 2º Taller de Consultoría de Imagen para enseñar y dar algunos consejos a las mujeres para estar más guapas y hacer un buen uso de su armario entre otros puntos. Fue un éxito. A todas las asistentes les encantó y aún hay algunas que están esperando la 3ª edición. 
Basicamente en este taller las asistentes aprenden desde el tipo de cuerpo que tienen y cómo elegir las ropas que mejor le sientan, a la importancia de tener un buen fondo de armario, pasando por los colores que deben escoger para que estén siempre más favorecidas. 

Esta 2ª edición estuvo mejor organizada gracias a la colaboración de Imagina Eventos y de El Dulce Hogar de Carol que hicieron la tarde un poco más dulce con sus mini cupcakes. Muchísimas gracias a las dos. 



El Dulce Hogar de Carol Mini Cupcakes