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Shoes to wear to the beach.

Summer is here and most of you have been already looking for the trendiest swimsuits of the season in other to look your best while relaxing in the sun. Of course it's important to pay attention to your personal style and figure first while choosing your swimsuit, however, styling and accessorizing come to take up an essential role in a fashionable beach look too, like anywhere else in the fashion world. It's easier to style a look that features more than just a small piece of fabric that barely covers your bust and back. Since there aren't too many accessories to use for making a beach look trendy and hot, footwear comes to take a lead here. To stay away from styles mistakes and make your beach look super-trendy, follow my tips and learn what shoes to wear to the beach! 

When you choose your beach shoes the most important tip is to give preference to comfort but without forgetting the fashion. Although you may see models wearing cool high-heeled shoes with bikinis in famous swimwear campaigns and glamorous photo shoots you, of course, don't want to look ridiculous by trying to copycat them on the daily basis. Instead you should opt for light and foot-friendly sandals, comfy wedges or just flip flops, matching the colours and the style of your footwear with your bathing suit and the cover-ups. Here you have some ideas on what shoes to wear with bikinis and beach cover-ups to look sexy and trendy! 


Flat sandals and thong flats coming in cheerful colours and with flirty embellishments are perhaps the best footwear to wear to the beach. They are both comfortable and stylish as well as look amazing in combination with shorts, breezy summer dresses and tunics that you may wear on top of your swimwear.


Gladiators sandals are other super trend and functional footwear options ideal for a beach look. You can wear them with floor-lenght maxi dresses and skirts as well as mini ones and shorts. However, gladiator sandals are ideal for tall and thin girls while those who are shorter and a little bit fuller will lose the length of their legs in this footwear.
But if there's a shoe style closely associated with the beach it's of course flip flops. They come in a variety of colours and cool prints. Flip flops look relaxed and classy both while walking on the sandy beach and off the shore. They are specially a good option when you quite often lack time and have to put on something hurriedly before going out to the beach.


Do you want to look sexy and fabulous while on the beach? Wedge sandals are your choice since they elongate your silhouette without losing their comfort and practicality. Whether you prefer monochrome and timeless wedges or ones featuring stripes, floral or ethnic prints and a myriad of colours, wedge sandals look maximum flirty and effortless when matched with beach outfits. 

BALLERINA FLATS, MOCCASINS, SNEAKERS & Other lightweight flat summer shoes

Moccasins for women, pretty ballerina flats, sneakers or other flat shoes will look amazing with capri pants, shorts, casual skirts and summer dresses that you can wear to the beach. You even can experiment with the colours and styles of the shoes to get a glamorous chic casual makeover for a cool beach party or a boat/yacht ride. 

And you, which one do you prefer?

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  1. Great post Justo!!! I love to wear this kind of shoes on summertime! Love the flat sandals with strass are so glam! For the beach my best are the havaianas. I love it!! Also for a walk in the afternoon o a dinner at the beach I like to wearing wedge sandals or comfy heels.
    Thank you for comment Justo!!! I'll do the best to be there but I can not confirm yet!! Will be soo funny to meeting there!! :D
    Lady Trends

    1. Thanks for the comment Rosa! Could be great to meet you in Marbella! ;)

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