Friday, 23 August 2013

The war of clones!

We all know that brands like Zara and Mango are waiting for big fashion houses to show their new collections in order to start cloning their designs. Of course we dream about owning a piece from Saint Laurent, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton or Miu Miu, but we can't afford it. Thank God we have Zara, Mango, Bershka and other stores that make it possible for us to own something similar.

Have a look at these pictures and run down to the shops!

Celine vs. Zara

Givenchy vs. Mango

Givenchy vs. Stradivarius 

Saint Laurent vs. Zara

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  1. Hola Justo! Qué buenos clones nos muestras hoy!!

    Ya estoy de vuelta, todavía poniéndome al día con taaaanto trabajo atrasado pero poco a poco lo conseguiré... jajaja
    Tengo un nuevo post por si quieres pasarte.
    Un beso me encantó conocerte!! ;)
    Lady Trends