Monday, 14 October 2013

In the hunt.

I have been trying to tell you all for a long time about my new project but I haven't quite find the time to do it so today is the day. 

One of the good thing that came along the Stylist & Image Consultant course I took last year was the chance that it gave me of meeting new people, now colleagues. I love meeting people. At the beginning of last spring I received the invitation from one of girls to became part of a new project she had in mind, to start a new blog with other colleagues in which I will talk about men fashion. I did not think twice and I said yes, of course! 

Between meetings and coffees, laughs and really good conversations about the world of fashion that new fashion blog was taking form and I can't forget the amazing photo shoot by one of the best Portuguese photographer, Carlos Ramos. 

So today I'm so proud to introduce you all this new project: The Fashion Hunters, where you'll find information about fashion and beauty. I hope you like it and became a follower also on Facebook.

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