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How to wear leather: Chic, not S&M

Undoubtedly leather is one of the sexiest and most durable fabrics that can be worn forever. That is why when buying a leather piece of clothing or accessories, you can be sure that you have not made the wrong investment. The latter is indeed very fashionable, original and of high quality.

Whenever buying any leather clothing, you should first of all learn to understand which type you need and can afford: natural leather, that is not cheap, and artificial leather, that looks perfect, however it is not durable, besides sometimes it really looks very cheap on you.

Since leather is not an ordinary fabric that can be washed once worn, you should learn how to use it right. Follow the essential tips below.


• Always choose for such a leather piece that suits your figure and accentuates your assets perfectly. Leather jackets, pants and skirts may be of various styles, so make sure that you have something that is flattering and in the right size. Leather sizes are often quite small and accordingly can cling, so a little looser one will not be harmful to you. You will also break it in and mold it to your figure the more you wear it.

• Every type of clothing has its best season to be worn. For example, velvet is not a typical summer wear at all. What concerns leather, it can, however, be worn in summer sometimes. Yet do not only follow the instinct that you should be wearing your leather garment just because it is trendy or looks perfect on you. If you feel uncomfortable and sweating in it during hot summer days, you had better not wear that thick fabric, which makes you too warm.

• It is also important to consider the type of event or place you are attending. Leather can be very fashionable and modern but not appropriate for every occasion. So make sure you know exactly who you will be surrounded by, to decide what to put on. You do not want to end up looking too much overdressed and sex appealing, do you? Especially if you like those tight pants that may make you blink in the crowd.

• Also it is a basic rule not to combine too many leather pieces at a time. It is preferable to stick to one leather piece of clothing rather than covering your body entirely with this fabric. When pairing a single leather piece with other simple fabrics, you will first of all highlight the leather, besides tone down the outfit also.

• Since leather is not a simple fabric that can be hand washed or washed in the machine, be careful with leather. You have to care for it by special products that are designed for leather care. First of all you will not damage its look, secondly you will make it last long by periodically giving it a slight repair.

• However, as everything else, any piece of clothing that is worn too much can one day become useless. When you notice that your leather clothes are already becoming shapeless, stretched out or any scratches appear on them, you had better get rid of that piece.

• Be careful, not to wear too many accessories at a time, while wearing leather. Better refrain from chunky jewelry pieces if you don’t want to create a trashy look. Too many silver rings, big earrings and necklaces worn with leather will make you look cheap.

• To add an interesting vibe to your look, try other colors of leather rather than traditional black or brown leather. Think bright shades, like green, red or blue or go for creamy and earthy tones.


Leather skirts have become an inseparable part of a fashionable wardrobe. Every self respecting fashion addicted girl will sure keep this article in her wardrobe, since the latter is appealing, feminine and versatile, of course. They can be of different shapes and colors. Worn with different tops every time, you will create a different, sexy look. Picking up a leather skirt is not hard, once you know your size and your body peculiarities, yet it is difficult to decide how to wear it to mostly benefit from its effects. There are lots of options of pairing leather skirt with, such as pairing it with a polished piece like a prim, silky blouse. You will get a feminine, stylish result. Or you can take a black leather pleated mini skirt with some chic shirt, peep-toe heels, and a mini bag, that can be ideally a perfect choice for a cocktail. An elegant mini straight skirt worn with a laced white blouse will always look fantastic on you. Pair that outfit with white or beige heels and a small clutch and you will have a trendy look.

If you do not want to stick to the traditional black you can easily opt for colored leather skirts. 

Total look, Mango. Clutch, Asos. 

Shirt, Dorothy Perkins. Blazer, mini leather skirt & studded lace-up shoes, Mango. Bag, Asos. 

Blouse, Mango. Leather pleated skirt,, Peep toe shoes, Zara. Earrings & bag, Asos. Necklace, Blanco. 


Leather tight trousers for skinny figures can be an ideal casual wear. By pairing the leather pants with a classic silk blouse you will sure not have a biker look, yet can wear this outfit on practically any occasion. A pair of high heels, which is always the best choice when wearing leather, will compliment the outfit. Do not forget about a bag, preferably a multi strap suede satchel, which will only be another addition to this chic look. Accessories, such as a necklace of bright colors, like velvet, blue or even green, can contrast the outfit, thus creating and incredibly fantastic and fashionable result.

If you are fond of leggings, you can try leather ones. When pairing the latter with both flats and extremely high heels you can have a modern look. Whenever you want to make your legs be statement making, feel free to take slim and tight leather leggings and combine the rest of the outfit in a way to make it visual.

Here are some tips for you to keep in mind:

• First of all make sure it fits you well. Since leggings normally get your body shape after being worn several times and it is likely that you will have your knee zone a little bit loose, you can take a size smaller.

• It is esthetically accurate to always wear leggings with tunics, no matter how slim your figure is. Leggings are those pieces of clothing that should no way be worn with short tops. They are too tight to be left bare. Especially if you are overweight, a tunic can help you hide your curves on the back.

• If you like belts, then you can define your waistline with one.

• Whenever wearing black leggings, take any bright colored tunic that matches your skin tone most. For a colder day you can add a jacket on top the tunic, like a tailored one, which is the perfect pairing for leggings. Select a flattering jacket that hugs the curves of your body and is nipped at the waist. Since your tunic is already a bright one, opt for a traditional black jacket. To finish the look wear high heeled pumps and accessories. Bracelets, earrings, as well as a small handbag will serve as the final touch.
Blouse, Blazer & leather shorts, Mango. Lincoln patent brogues, Heels, Topshop. Bag, Parfois. 
Total look & bracelet, Mango. Shoes, Zara. Bag & earrings, Blanco. 
Total look, Mango. Shoes, Zara. Ring & bag, Parfois. Necklace, Accessorize. Sunglasses,


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