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Jeans: how to wear them.

A pair of fitting jeans is the most used piece of clothing that can be found in every girl’s wardrobe. It is very comfortable and easy to pull on. Moreover, the denim trend is always there. Every season it comes back with slight changes and innovations.

Sometimes it is difficult to get the exact fitting jeans. So, in order to learn ways to make the right pick, as well as learn how to wear jeans right, I advise you to follow the fashion tips below.


There are several general rules that help to pick the right jeans:

  • Do not try to focus on the latest trends, unless you are sure they will match you. Instead, take the classical jeans without decorations and abrasions. They can be worn on many occasions combined with different tops.
  • Pick up materials that are of good quality and will not lose their shape having been washed or worn for several times.
  • Avoid jeans with low-lying back pockets that only shorten your figure.
  • Jeans that start on the hips are really trendy, but make sure your underwear is not seen. It is not trendy at all and not pleasant to eye. Or you can always opt for those styles that have the average waistline.

Since there are different body types (as I mentioned in other post Rule # 10), let us examine each of them separately, analyzing what types of jeans should be picked for each of them accordingly.

There is always a perfect pair of jeans for every body shape. However, for those who need some advice on this respect here are some tips to follow when buying a pair of jeans according to your body type.

Elle Magazine

Elle Magazine


Lets start with the easiest and most common body type: hourglass. This is, as all of us know, the ideal feminine body shape that has the right proportions. However, when it comes to picking a pair of fitting jeans you may have some problems. Your choices can detract from your natural curves. If you have an ideal hourglass body shape and are not over weight then the task becomes easier. When choosing jeans you should aim to show your natural curves correctly. Don’t hide them, do not be afraid of looking too feminine. Draw attention to your thinnest part, your waist.

Since your body is ideal here are some tips to keep in mind:

• Pick the right fit.

• Wear the ones that fit your waistline perfectly.

• Choose such jeans that go straight from the hips to the knees and are well flared at the end of the legs.

• To stay away from the unflattering opening in the back, pick a pair of jeans with larger hip cut and a smaller waist.

• Still, if you fail to find such type of jeans, go for a pair that fits around the butt and goes loose at the waistline.

• Always opt for stretch denim, since it embraces your curves tightly.

• Low rise jeans are ideal, when you have a slightly short waist and want to balance your proportions.

Other interesting facts to remember are not concealing your beautiful body by oversized loose jeans. Always avoid those baggy jeans. However, too tight ones are not preferable either, since you may feel somewhat uncomfortable in them. Straight cuts may look ok on you, but they will look very simple on such a rich curvy body. Always remember about accessories. Go for belts and waistbands, they will draw attention to your waist.


With this body shape, your goal should be focused on enhancing your upper part of the body and drawing attention away from your bottom, which is quite full.

• Boot-cut and flared legs give a long and lean look.

• Stretchy jeans can work perfectly for you, thus making you feel comfortable.

• Pick up dark colors, they will visually make your hips look narrower.

• Take your exact size, with a comfortably fitting waist, otherwise your tummy may be cut and you will end up with an unpleasant fat hanging on top your waist cut.

• Avoid any pockets since they will even shorten your legs thus making them appear fatter.

• Avoid tight jeans, especially those that are tight at the knees.

• Avoid horizontal detailing at hip level, such as contrasting pockets.

• Also refrain from those jeans with several embellishments on the back pockets, which will widen your back.

Once you choose the matching jeans, now feel free to get some accessories. Highlight your upper part by choosing blouses of flowing materials with lots of details or patterns. You can wear necklaces that will even catch more attention on the upper part. Long jackets can be worn, however, make sure they go below the hips. As has already been mentioned, choose darker bottoms and bright tops for contrast.


The task here is to shift the attention from your shoulders and bust to your narrow hips. You can opt for:

• The traditional, universal Boot-cut and flared legs.

• Choose side pockets, which create a fuller thigh.

• Consider low rise jeans with a contoured waistline.

• Jeans featuring tapered legs to the knees will also look fine. However, make sure not to pick ones with exaggerated flare.

• Any embellishments in the front and back pocket areas will make your hips more emphasized.

• Never use jeans that are extremely tight in the knees.

• Also avoid standard straight legged jeans.

• Say no to big rear pockets.

• Opt for brighter colors.

You can always wear tunics with jeans. You can also use low slung belts that will focus attention onto your hips. Since you have wider shoulders, avoid shoulder pads and opt for darker colored jackets or tops to minimize the width.


If you have this body shape, then you should not highlight your hips and knees. Try to elongate your figure to look slimmer. Use darker colors of jeans.

• Choose jeans that fit your waist and are quite wide on the hips.

• Follow the rule of sticking to at least one inch below your belly button.

• Wide waistbands can help you create the ilusion of a flat belly.

• Diagonal front pockets also have a slimming effect.

• Avoid tapered legs.

• Do not buy saggy or baggy pants.

• Avoid styles that sit tightly on your legs especially on the hips and knees.

• Also better refrain from high waist jeans, since they tend to make your butt look huge.

For a final look, work on the rest of your outfit. Tops should emphasize your upper part, so do not take those that end at your back. Take V-necks and wear necklaces to draw attention onto your top part. Also feel free to use narrow belts matching your top to elongate your torso, or the color of your pants to elongate your bottom.


With this boyish body shape you'll have to create artificial curves.

• Look for a relaxed flared fit that hugs and lifts your butt.

• Low rise jeans with a high back and low front are a good choice if you have a short waist.

• If your waist is long enough, jeans with a higher rise can help accentuate the curves on your hips.

• A contoured waistband will help create curves.

• Avoid a straight cut, which is your number one enemy.

When pulling on the rest of your clothing, opt for v-necks. Tightly fitting blouses are not for you. For a more accentuated look use necklaces to attract attention upwards. Opt for a long tailored jacket. If you like accessories like belts, use them in the same color as you top. Also give preference to bold prints that create curvier shapes.


Since you have narrow bust and broad hips, your goal is to draw attention from your waist and focus attention on your bust.

• A boot cut fit with some stretch is your best choice.

• Look for pockets that sit higher as they will make your legs appear longer.

• If your waist is short, a slightly low rise cut will help make your torso look longer.

• Avoid capris, as they even define the diamond shape more.

• Avoid embellishments in rear pockets as they attract attention to that area.

When you are putting outfits together, take blouses that are fitted over the bust and spread over the hips. Use necklaces and shoulder pads. Avoid thick belts, especially if you do not have a contoured waist line. 

I hope those tips could help you to find the right pair of jeans so you could look great. If you need any extra help don't hesitate to contact me. 

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