Friday, 4 January 2013

Styling & Image Consulting Course: "Seville Revisited"

Seville is a city of joy and happiness, where there's always time to laugh and spend a good time with your friends. It's the land of flamenco, oranges trees and white doves. It's the land of sevillanas, a dance in which women move their bodies to seduce their man with their hands moving like doves' wings. Through the years Seville has been a source of inspiration for famous designers, photographers, artists and musicians. Ralph Lauren used Seville as his inspiration for his Spring/Summer 2013 Collection  with, as André Leon Talley described it,  models walking down the catwalk in "colour and gold washed embellishment on matador jackets, long organza ruffles that float and snake along the floor in weightless perfection".

So when I finished my Styling and Image Consulting Course at Atelier Styling Project and Pedro Crispim proposed a final styling production, I knew that my inspiration would have to be my home town of Seville. I took ideas from several sources. My mum and my sister have always inspired me and I also knew that I wanted to give a twist to the joy and happiness and make it a little bit sad. The whole country is going through a financial crisis so in a way that needed to be reflected. I wanted to show the Andalusian woman, the power of the statement they make when they enter in a room. A tall and sleek figure, with their makeup on no matter what: red lips and blush and sexy eyes to get the attention of their own "matador". 

I hope you like the final result. 

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