Monday, 14 January 2013

The white shirt

I love white shirts. I love the colour. I love how versatile they are. And you do too, don't you? Having a white shirt in your wardrobe is like having an LBD (little black dress). It's a fashion essential and this is why: Because white, like black, is a neutral and every woman should have something in both this colours.

You can wear a white shirt during the cold winter days under a wool sweater or with a suit, skirt or jeans. In the summer season, an oversized white shirt can even be used as a dress but be careful; you don't want to look like a snowman, especially in the winter. The colour white is attractive and fresh, but wearing an all-white look could make you look wider, and you don’t want that! You can wear white during the day or at night if you upgrade your look by using a statement piece of jewellery and during the winter, avoid wearing an all-white look on a rainy day.

A white shirt should be always be white, so when it starts to look yellow it's time to replace it!

Photos: Portraits of Elegance.

One shirt, different looks: 

Total look, Mango. Shoes, Blanco. Bag, Parfois. Necklace, Accessorize. 

Shirt & blazer, Mango. Jeans, Shoe boots, Topshop. Clutch, Rare London. Necklace, Zara. 

Total look, Mango. Shoes, Topshop. Bag, Parfois, Necklace, Accessorize. 

Total look, Mango. Shoes, Selfridges. Clutch, Accessorize. Necklace, Mango. Sunglasses, Miu Miu. 

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