Wednesday, 29 May 2013


Eureka is one of the biggest Portuguese shoe companies and it's known for its trendy creations. Under the project Style Me Up some of the most fashionable faces in Portugal were asked to create and style a pair of shoes. One of them is Pedro Crispim who I admire and respect for all his work in the Portuguese fashion industry and, in particular, because he is the one who taught me and shared his knowledge with me. The others are Raquel Prates who is a Portuguese fashion icon, Pureza Fleming, a fashion blogger and Filipe Fangueiro and Paulo Meixeido from DSECTION magazine. 

I see their creations as a reflection of their own personality. Pedro Crispim created a pair of slippers in a bold flowered pattern (and I love them!) that will make people look down at your feet when you wear them. Raquel Prates opted for a modern take on a pair of women’s Oxford shoes by using ice white on the exterior and nude on the inside, all crowned with a golden brass heel. To die for! 
Pureza Fleming created a pair of black leather sandals with a wild red leopard pattern, and the duo from DSECTION Magazine created a pair of trendy black leather shoes. 

The presentation of these marvellous creations will take place tomorrow in Lisbon at the Dolce Vita Monumental Shopping Centre from 6 P.M. 

See you all there because you're all invited!! 

Pedro Crispim

Raquel Prates

Dsection Magazine 

Pureza Fleming

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