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Portuguese Golden Globes Glamour Review.

As I said in the last post, I was invited to the Portuguese Golden Globes Awards and I was expecting to see glamour and sophistication from beautiful Portuguese women in stunning gowns with great makeup and hair. I created two lists, one with the “best dressed” and another with the "not so well dressed". And to my surprise the "not so well dressed" list is (quite) a few names longer.

I can’t for the life of me think what goes through the heads of these women. Perhaps that they have a strange concept of what would be fashionable and appropriate for the biggest event in Portugal in terms of cinema, theatre, sport, music and TV. I know we are going through a financial crisis but these people at least should be able to get their hands on a decent gown, at least one that fits or is in a colour that suits them. 

Well, I have a message for all of the Golden Globe ladies: you could be wearing the most expensive and glamour dress but what it makes a look good is the styling. And you know what? Designers are designers, they do the dresses, but stylists make the magic happen. And that's what most of you need. 

For example, Luciana Abreu (poor thing) looked better dressed as Carmen Miranda during her performance than on the red carpet where everything she wore looked awful and artificial. We all know she is not 100% natural but Luciana, get some help, please! 

Then we have those young actresses that want to look like Hollywood stars and wear the same kind of hairdo that some of them used to wear a couple of years before. This is the case of Inês Castel Branco. A beautiful young girl whose hairstyle aged her by 15 years. Nice dress indeed but bad styling.

Others such as Andreia Rodrigues, Cláudia Vieira (who always wears the same type of dress) and Ana Rita Clara showed too much skin for my taste. If you have a big cleavage on show, try not to show too much of your legs as well. It’s neither elegant nor chic and can look downright cheap. Oh Ana Rita Clara!! What were you thinking?! I mean... that dress, those shoes!??!

And I can’t forget to comment on the dress that award winner Sharam Diniz worn. She's such a beautiful young girl that has even worked for Victoria's Secret and she appeared wearing that awful dated chocolate brown corset gown! Oh my God! She could've worn something nicer. She needs a stylist. 
By the way, was Cláudia Vieira wearing the same dress that Ana Lucia wore last year but with some alterations? 

Then there was a group of 3 members of the same family who looked like they had got a discount on a job lot of frocks at the discount store. I'm talking about Rita Ribeiro and her daughters. 

Anyway, I could go on and on about the “not so well dressed” but I’m starting to feel a bit mean-spirited and, in any case, you can judge for yourselves when you go through the pictures... 

Thank God we had some AMAZING looks. Stunning dresses and marvellous styling did appear and among them was Fiona Bunnett wearing a simple and elegant white asymmetric dress. Or Diana Chaves with a beautiful gown that was perfect for this kind of event. I also loved Cláudia Borges’ green dress by Diogo Miranda as well as Sandra Cachide’s effort. My "best dressed" list also features Sofia Cerveira Filipa Valente, Dânia Neto, Iva Domingues and Raquel Prates. 

I think that beauty and elegance can be found in simple things. We don't need to overdo it, but I also have to say that you can’t buy style, as we saw so clearly at the Golden Globes

And a little appointment for men... please leave your trainers shoes at home. You are not going to run unless you are nominated and thinking of steeling one of the prizes! 


Clockwise from left to right: Cláudia Vieira & Ana Lucia at the 2012 Golden Globes, Cláudia Vieira and Andreia Rodrigues. 

Clockwise from left to right: Inês Castel Branco, Ana Rita Clara, Rita Ribeiro & daughters, Luciana Abreu. 
Sharam Diniz


Fiona Bunnett, Diana Chaves, Cláudia Borges, Sandra Cachide

Filipa Valente, Iva Domingues, Raque Prates, Sofia Cerveira

Dânia Neto

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