Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Rule # 26: How to built a functional wardrobe.

If your wardrobe is stacked with clothing and you stand in front of it for hours and hours feeling like you don't have anything to wear, it is time to start rebuilding it! When I do image consulting workshops, I always talk about how important is to have a functional and fashionable wardrobe.

Now could be the perfect time because you can actually get more for less during the summer sales. And I promise you that if you’re thinking that rebuilding your wardrobe with fashionable clothes will be expensive and you’ll need to spend a fortune, you are wrong. Basically what you need is to get oriented in your style and understand what you look best in.

1st STEP: the first step in creating a functional and fashionable wardrobe is to clear out what you already have. I'm sure you have clothes you haven't wore in ages! Once again, less is more. You have to get rid of clothes that are not fashionable anymore, don't fit you anymore or you don't feel comfortable wearing them. 

2nd STEP: focus on basics and neutral colours. Basics are essential. Basics are the items that you wear more often and which can be easily mixed and matched with other pieces in your wardrobe. Basics include: LBD (little black dress), a pair of jeans (as simple as possible and always bear in mind your body shape), a white shirt, a pencil skirt, a pair of stylish trousers, classic pumps in black, brown or nude colour, comfy flats, a cardigan, a coat or a leather jacket, a functional handbag, a scarf and some jewellery. Neutral colours are timeless and can be easily mixed and matched both with brights and neutrals. Think black, white, brown, grey, camel, navy and cream. Don't forget to get things for special and different occasions. Buy some formal dresses, casual and work attire.

A black pencil skirt and a t-shirt upgraded with accessories. 

A black pencil skirt and a white shirt upgraded with accessories. 
LBD: one dress, two options.

3rd STEP: pay attention to trends. As I said before you should focus on basics. However, you can't forget about trends if you want to look fashion-forward. If you add a couple of trendy pieces to your outfit your look will be fresh and up to date. 

4th STEP: if it doesn't fit you, don't buy it. This is an unbreakable rule! Don't try to convince yourself you'll lose weight and start at the gym because we both know that will never happen and, as I’ve said so many times, remember to choose what suits your body type, ok?

5th STEP: always consider your lifestyle. For example, if you work outdoors and walk a lot, towering heels and an elegant pencil skirt might not work for you. 

Now you have all the tools to build a brand new fashion-forward wardrobe. But don't forget something you cannot buy anywhere: your attitude and personality. Try not to copy others and always try to be unique. It doesn't matter how strict the dress code at your work is, you should spice things up with your attitude and go for details that highlight your personality. Always have fun with your styling.


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