Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Weekend update.

If you like fashion and on top of that, you have a fashion blog, you might've seen yourself in the same situation I was in over the weekend: becoming a member of the fashion police. Wherever I go, I look for fashion and style but I promise, I don't do it on purpose, it comes naturally to me. 

Last weekend as you all know I was away in the UK, visiting family in London and going to the christening of the son of some very good friends in a town near Oxford. From the moment I landed my fashion radar was on. London is an amazing city in terms of fashion, style and trends. For me London is THE trendsetting city. On other hand I was really disappointed with Oxford, maybe because it was full of teenage students all wearing the same: denim shorts, crop tops and Converse. Actually, the idea of that outfit is not bad. The problem was that none of them wore it with style. They were just copycats. I promise that the best thing I saw was a woman wearing the uniform of a famous English shop! 

Simon & me with our Godson Freddie in London. 

Once in Abingdon where the christening was, I saw heaven. Thank God I saw style and nice accessories. It's amazing how a floral dress could look amazing with the right accessories: just a pair of red shoes with a bow on the back as the main detail. 

I love airports. Airports are like a little window on the world. You see everything, examples of every look and style. What should you wear when you're going to spend hours on a plane? Well, certainly you're not going on a safari or into the jungle. That might be your final destination and have to be comfortable for the journey but please avoid tracksuits and cargo trousers and similar items. Travel in style, you might meet the man of your dreams in an airport or on the plane and you will want to look your best! 

Some of my ideas to wear when traveling:

My radar is always on and I can't do anything about it. I might have to write a post of what to wear when you're travelling. 

Apart from all the fashion problems I saw during my short visit to the UK I had a great time. 
The hotel in Oxford was amazing and we were glad we changed our minds in the last minute, cancelled our first reservation at Malmaison and opted for The Vanbrugh House Hotel. If you're thinking about visiting Oxford I highly recommend this boutique hotel. 

The Vanbrugh House Hotel 

It's good to be back home but travelling is my other passion. 

How was your weekend?


  1. Parece que lo pasastéis genial!! Me alegro mucho!!
    Mi otra pasión también es viajar y creo que me pasa como a tí...jeje. Siempre buscando looks con estilo.....jajaja pero cuando estuve en Windsor me pasó algo parecido... Sólo un chico que me encantó su estilismo y me dejó que le sacara una foto... Good for me!! :D
    (Tengo que subir ese post se me está retrasando...)

    Lady Trends

  2. Rosa, muchas gracias por tu comentario! Nos vemos pronto. Besos.