Monday, 26 November 2012

Are you afraid of mixing styles? Rule # 11: Be brave!

We love so many different styles, don’t we? Sporty, classic, rock, etc. and, if we love so many different pieces from each of those styles, why not mix and match them? Mixing styles is a big trend and it's a way to step out of the box, to make a big entrance in a party! It’s also a great way to be the centre of attention wherever you go. Don't be afraid of mixing, be brave! Here are some examples of how to mix styles but remember, don't go too far with your bold pieces. You don't want to look like you’re in fancy dress!

Tshirt, Zara. Skirt & Blazer, Mango. Shoes, Topshop. Bowling Bag & Necklace, Blanco. 

Dress, Mango. Biker Jacket & Shoes, Topshop. Clutch, Bracelet, Parfois. 

Dress, Denim Jacket & Boots, Mango. Bag, Aldo. Necklace, Parfois.

Dress, Coat & Shoes, Mango. Clutch, Dorothy Perkins. 

Dress, Denim Jacket & Boots, Mango. Necklace, Blanco. 

Sweat, Dorothy Perkins. Leggings, MMM for H&M. Coat, Mango. Shoes & Necklace, Blanco. Bag, Parfois. 

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