Monday, 5 November 2012

Because is important to know what you are writing about, my choice was ATELIER STYLING PROJECT

Being a fashion addict, a fashionista, or a person with a passion for fashion is not easy. I simply like fashion. I know what clothes look good on me and the colours that suit me. People say I have my own style and I think they're right but when they ask me for advice on what should they wear... What should I do? Here's when Pedro Crispim and the Atelier Styling Project come in.

I knew Pedro Crispim from the TV and from the work he does as stylist with celebrities and as a trainer all over Portugal. I searched on the Internet about him and his experience in the fashion world and I found his atelier and the courses it has. After having a first meeting with him when he explained the course's main points and we exchanged some personal opinions about fashion, I decided to join the Stylist & Image Consulting Course. If fashion is my passion I should learn more and  have a broader knowledge about it so I could use it to help people who need it. 

The Stylist & Image Consulting Course at the Atelier Styling Project gave me all of that. It  covers all the important points any stylist needs to know about fashion. From financial and management aspects to ways of empowerment, personal marketing and a prêt à porter and tailoring class with Paulo Mateus at the Ermenegildo Zegna shop. Makeup is also important in any fashion production or even if your client just needs some help and that's why the atelier gave us more knowledge with the help of the Atelier Room B and its founder, the makeup artist Sandra Almeida who also has great experience in makeup. We also visited some showrooms and they told us about what they do with the collections when they arrive and how they manage them. We also went to shops where we had lessons and practice exercises in which we were able to apply all the information we had  learnt. We were always guided by Pedro and his team of professionals.

Now that I have a stronger opinion and knowledge not only in fashion but also in image consulting and styling, I can talk and advise about fashion.

There are other courses and others ateliers in Portugal but none of them are as good as this one. That was my choice. 

Practice Exercise in TRUSSARDI

H&M Showroom

Prêt à Porter & Tailoring Class at the Ermenegildo Zegna Shop

Globalpress Showroom

Globalpress Showroom

Globalpress Showroom

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