Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Rule # 8: How to use the same suit for day and night time.

How many of you have suits in your wardrobe you only ever wear for work or for a special occasion? Lots I guess. Here you have an example of how to upgrade a work suit into a glam outfit and back again. You only need to step out of the box and add or take away some sparkle...

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Suit & Bow Crepe Blouse, Mango. DAY: Red bag and Ring, Blanco. Wide Heel Peep Toe, Zara. Pearls, Uterque. Watch Lorus. NIGHT: Lypsy Floral Bead Detail Top, Lipsyc.co.uk. Clutch, H&M. Bracelet & Earings, Asos. Leopard print peep toe, Selfridges. 

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