Friday, 23 November 2012

Going anywhere this weekend? Tips to help you with your packing.

After a hard week of work - meetings, rushing around, early mornings and late nights, the weekend is here and nothing could be more exciting than a little getaway with the one you love. But sometimes packing can be a nightmare, "what should I wear?". Most of the time we end up taking clothes we never wear, so here are some tips for a 1-night getaway to help you pack. For example, wear just 1 pair of jeans, the ones you are going to travel in you can also wear the day you come back. The same goes for shoes. You can wear the same pair of boots for the whole trip and only one pair of heels in case you’re going out for a nice dinner. You don't need to pack a lot of make-up. Keep it simple. Paint your nails with a colour that goes with all the clothes you’re taking. To change a simple look into a statement, take one of your ‘big’ accessories. It will make a huge difference! These picture will inspire you! Enjoy the weekend, it's time to relax. 

Jeans & Boots, Blanco. Top & Cardigan, Mango. Handbag & Trolley, Parfois. Necklace & Ring, Uterque. 
Pants, Top & Cuff, Mango. Jacket & Shoes, Topshop. Bag, Parfois.  

Jeans & Boots, Blanco. Top & Cardigan, Mango. Hat, Zara. Necklace, Uterque. 

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